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For years I was asked if I would ever host a class on my desserts and for years I said no. The fear of failure paralyzed me. I had every reason not to give it a try. Although I was scared, I decided to host a series of online tutorials before launching my very first course online. My online classes were more successful than I could ever have imagined. My very first class was a breakable heart class with over 700 students. I set my eyes on the next trend, hot chocolate bombs, over 750 students joined.

I knew I had to release the most anticipated class, my cakepop course. It was my greatest success yet. I am so incredibly proud to say over 1,000 students joined my very first cakepop class. Since, over 2400 students have found success with me.

If you would like to learn how to create custom desserts for your business, sign up for one of our classes. Our famous cakepop class brings together thousands of students from all around the world online twice a year.  Keep up with today's trending desserts and stay ahead of your competition with creative, fun designs. 

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